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Our Standards

We have some of the most comprehensive farm and food standards in the world, covering more types of food and drink than any other assurance scheme.

Our Standards ensure that everything that carries the Red Tractor logo can be traced from the packet back to farms in the UK. They also make sure that the food has been produced safely for human consumption, been responsibly sourced and that the crops and animals have been well cared for.

Our approach to our Standards is based on four key principles:

Copas chicken Red Tractor
Red Tractor Chicken Inspection TV advert

Animal Welfare

Since 2000, in consultation with animal welfare experts and vets, we have continued to strengthen our animal welfare requirements in order to ensure that our animals have the right living space, food, and water and are healthy. We have some of the best and award-winning farmers in our scheme, who share our priorities to strive for the very best in the health and well-being of their animals. People choosing Red Tractor labelled products can be confident that the food and drink is produced to rigorous standards and with great care and attention.

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Environmental Protection

For Red Tractor farmers, their land is their office and often their home. They care about the British countryside as much as we do and have a desire to look after it. Fertilisers and pesticides are only used when absolutely necessary to keep crops healthy and always in a manner that reduces the risk of pollution and impact on wildlife as much as possible.

Red Tractor certified dairy cows
Cows Red Tractor TV advert

Food Safety

We insist on rigorous production standards from farm to packet, so we don’t allow things like growth hormones, irresponsible use of animal medicines, chlorine washed meat or poultry. Just good quality food at its seasonal best.

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The Union Jack on our label confirms your food has been produced entirely in the UK. We require that every stage of the food journey is checked and documented from farm to packet, so that all food and drink can be traced right back through the supply chain to British farms.

Look out for the Red Tractor label in all major supermarkets. Your can also find us in pubs & restaurants including: