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Added 27 Apr 2017
Andrew Watmuff believes that you don’t have to cook from scratch to know where your food comes from.

His company, Watmuff & Beckett, works hard to ensure the ingredients in its range of soups and risottos are carefully sourced. Where possible, that means from the UK.
Founded with his school friend Michael Beckett – a high-end chef – the company has formed an obsession with finding quality ingredients. That includes UK-farmed carrots, peas and mint among others.
Together they have created the first soup to carry the Red Tractor logo. This means that all the ingredients in the product have been produced to independently assessed standards from farm to pack, It’s safe to eat and the farmers have cared for the enviroment.
Andrew says: “Being able to use the Red Tractor logo on our pea and fresh mint soup is really important to us. It’s the first soup in the UK to have a RT logo and it lets consumers know that the produce inside comes from UK sources.”
Andrew’s passion for quality is one that’s shared by Dragons’ Den investor Nick Jenkins who has bought in to the brand. A nerve-wracking pitch in the Den eventually led to Nick – the multi-millionaire founder of Moonpig.com – investing £75,000 in the Somerset-based business.
“It was out-of-body experience walking in to the Den where you see all the lighting and same faces that you see on TV – but you’re the one doing the pitch,” Andrew said. “It was really amazing when Nick decided to invest in our business.”
Nick added: “It was very obvious from the pitch that Andrew is very passionate about farming in Britain and British produce. Michael, having worked in a Michelin starred restaurant as a chef, has a real passion for food and a combination of those two things makes for a great product. I wasn’t aware of the Red Tractor logo until Andrew mentioned it in the pitch but I think it’s a great scheme.”
You can be assured that your food has been produced solely in the UK to independently assessed standards by looking for the Red Tractor label in the shops.
Visit the Watmuff & Beckett website to find out about all their products, and visit their Facebook page
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