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Nestlé Breakfast Cereals

Added 08 Nov 2016
Licensed in 2015

Nestlé Breakfast Cereals, including favourites such as SHREDDED WHEAT®, SHREDDIES®, CHEERIOS® and NESQUIK®, are made by Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW), a leading global breakfast cereal company. With more than 50 brands to suit all ages and lifestyles, CPW strives to make breakfast better with convenient, tasty and nutritious food that helps people start their day in the best possible way.

Established in 1990, CPW is a long-standing partnership between Nestlé and General Mills, bringing together the world-class capabilities of both companies. Headquartered in Switzerland, CPW has a strong global network with 4,600 employees, 17 factories, four R&D centres and operations in more than 130 markets.

'Nestlé Breakfast Cereals want our consumers to be reassured that Shreddies and Shredded Wheat are made from UK sustainably sourced wheat. The Red Tractor logo is the best tool in the UK we can think of'.

'The Red Tractor logo is a simple, single minded, consumer reassurance that our key ingredients origins are British, and our product quality guaranteed. In essence, the RT logo is a shortcut in consumers that this is a product they can trust, and this is at the heart of everything we do at Nestlé Breakfast Cereals'.

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