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Brands involved

ISS Facilities Services

Licensed in 2004

Licensed for meat, vegetables, fruit, milk and dairy products

Why did you decide to become licensed?

We decided to get involved in Red Tractor to ensure the products had provenance and traceability behind them. The proof as caterer would say is in the pudding and using Red Tractor as proved this time after time.

To also use the Red Tractor logo on our menu because it’s a really simple and valued way to tell our Patients and customers that we care about the quality of the food in our dishes” - Andy Jones Service Development Director

Any extra information?

The best thing that we could glean back was a patient who was very ill, saying how proud and pleased he was to see that little Red Tractor Logo and it shows we are committed and dedicated.

Individual product spotlight

We have worked with 3663 on highlighting seasonal items and as such ALL sites have now a growers plan and where we can a resume of that grower and his history to share with Patients and customers.
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