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Crown Foods Ltd

Licensed in 2014

Licensed for chicken, turkey, beef and pork

Why did you decide to become licensed?


Spaghetti Bolognese Crown FoodsCrown Foods Ltd have been trusted suppliers to foodservice customers throughout the UK for over three decades.As a family-run business our company ethos, of supplying quality food at the right price, is an integral value that makes our products stand out.  As part of our wide customer base, we supply our award-winning ‘Simply’ range to the education sector, and millions of school meals each year are made using our poultry and meat products. 
We feel privileged to be such a prominent supplier to the education sector and understand that this comes with a responsibility to help promote the pleasures of cooking and eating good, healthy food, as well as understanding where it comes from.

The Red Tractor logo gives our customers total confidence that our products are British, fully traceable, safe to eat and responsibly produced; which are priorities for the caterers, parents, teachers and children that we work with.
We are thrilled to give our customers assurance, and we proudly display the Red Tractor logo on the following products:

  • Red Tractor Assured Cooked Diced Chicken Breast, 12mm, IQF
  • Red Tractor Assured Cooked Mini Chicken Breast Fillet, 25g, IQF
  • Red Tractor Assured Cooked Turkey Breast Slice,50g, IQF
  • Red Tractor Assured Cooked Diced Turkey Breast, 12mm & 18mm, IQF
  • Red Tractor Assured Cooked Diced Ham, 12mm & 18mm, IQF
  • Red Tractor Assured Beef Mince, 85vl, IQF
  • Red Tractor Assured Cooked Pork Slice, 50g, IQF

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