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Bidvest Foodservice

Licensed in 2009

Licensed for meat, dairy, frozen chips, juice, cereal

Why did you decide to become licenced?

We are proud to be able to offer our customers a wide range of Red Tractor Assured products throughout the year which enhances our credentials as a responsible supplier to the foodservice market. The Red Tractor logo is easily recognisable from both a retail and foodservice viewpoint and we are asked by many of our customers to ensure Red Tractor assurance on their products.

Provenance and traceability is more important than ever, so knowing at a glance that a product has been fully accredited and adheres to the Red Tractor standards is a huge benefit for our customers. We are delighted with the support that Red Tractor gives us, especially with events such as Red Tractor Week, which is a great way to raise awareness and enhance the good work that our suppliers undertake in order to achieve full accreditation.

What are you doing for Red Tractor Week?

Leading up to Red Tractor Week, we encourage our customer base, especially those in the education sector, to find out more and shout about Red Tractor and all its benefits. We can offer POS schools to get them engaged with this celebration and help to educate the children about why provenance and traceability are important from a young age. We also have a focus page on our website and have featured Red Tractor Week in our fortnightly e-mail campaign to boost awareness. To help customers find Red Tractor products, we can provide them with a document showcasing accredited products in our range.

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