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Added 28 Jul 2017
The Long Clawson Dairy story began in 1911. One founding member, Thomas Hoe Stevenson and his two sisters produced Stilton cheese on their farm near Melton Mowbray. To ensure the future production of the cheese they canvassed the local opinion of farmers in the area and soon had 11 partners. The group purchased a pub in Long Clawson where the head office still resides.

Long Clawson prides itself on still remaining a farming cooperative, today with 44 farms in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Long Clawson is one of only 6 producers of stilton cheese, due to the PDO (Protected designation of origin), and has won many awards over the years for it. The Long Clawson site produces Stilton, Blue Shropshire, and Rutland Red.
Long Clawson Dairy has over the years expanded onto another site in Bottesford which produces a range of blended cheeses which began production in the 1960s, including, Carnival (White Stilton, Mango and Ginger), and Cotswold (Double Gloucester with onion and chive).

'All our products carry the Red Tractor logo to demonstrate to our customers that our cheese is made in a way that is food safe and animal friendly to the cattle supplying our milk. We believe it’s important as it clearly shows our company cares about all aspects from farm to consumption'.

Long Clawson dairy recently attended the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich. We are pleased to announce that they won 3 golds for Rutland Red (an Aged Red Leicester), as well as the Tesco Red Leicester Trophy for Champion Red Leicester Cheese. 

For more information on Long Clawson Dairy visit: https://www.clawson.co.uk/
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