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Jim Franklin, Red Tractor dairy farmer

Shropshire Dairy Farmer Jim, his wife Jules and their 3 children farm their 200 acre family Dairy farm with Jim’s Dad Richard and his Step-mum Helen in Newport, Shropshire.

The herd is made up of 130 Holstein Friesian cows and a Hereford bull called Bernie. The milk from Jim’s cows is used to supply local schools and shops as well as to local residents through a milk round.  Jim is passionate about dairy farming and you can regularly find him tweeting using the hashtag #TeamDairy or #DiscoverDairy. He also has one of the many Trust the Tractor banners popping up all over the country to grab the attention of passers-by. His cows found its arrival very entertaining!
 “The Red Tractor logo on your food stands for a simple and reliable system of producing safe and traceable food through following the standards set out in the Red Tractor scheme”.

The Red Tractor logo on your milk means that the farm has been certified as meeting Red Tractor standards in animal welfare, environmental protection, traceability and food safety. It also means that the milk has been produced and packaged in the UK. 
To find out more about the Discover Dairy campaign and some great videos on farm featuring presenter and farmer Adam Henson take a look at our blog post with him earlier in the year here 


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