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Added 19 09 2016
This tasty in season sundried tomato, cheese & red onion quiche is oozing with flavour! Serve with salad and new potatoes for a great...
Added 14 09 2016
Red Tractor, British Summer Salad
Added 11 09 2013
This has a deliciously sweet sauce which will go down well with even the fussiest eaters. These little vegetable pancakes are full of flavour and are a great way to get...
Added 11 09 2013
Serves: 6 - 8 This vegetarian dish is so wholesome and delicious that is will keep even the most dedicated carnivore satisfied! Red Tractor ingredients are monitored for...
Added 17 07 2013
Serves 4   400g Red Tractor strawberries 2 cardamom pods 2cm cinnamon stick ½ vanilla pod 1 star anise Small bunch of Red Tractor baby...
Added 17 07 2013
Serve 6-8 Ingredients: Pasta: 350g plain Red Tractor flour 150g Red Tractor asparagus, tips removed and retained, rest juiced of reduced to a fine puree 2-3...
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