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Poultry Recipes

Turn your usual chicken recipes into dishes sure to wow your friends and family with everything from Sunday roasts to wraps.
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Added 21 09 2016
Ever thought of using Weetabix in a savoury dish? These tender chicken nuggets melt in the mouth and only use 4 ingredients to make!
Added 21 04 2016
This is a lovely festive Christmas recipe that produced a very moist and flavoursome bird. Being a crown it cooks a lot quicker than a full turkey too.
Added 16 07 2013
Looking for a new way to serve a curry dish? Take a look at our chicken tikka recipe that adds a fresh yoghurt dressing with cucumber, all wrapped up in tortilla!
Added 16 07 2013
This quick to make kebab recipe uses a chicken and lamb combo to make a perfect addition to any BBQ this summer.
Added 16 07 2013
This easy pot roast chicken recipe is a perfect substitute for a Sunday roast as it can be served with vegetables and trimmings, and is really quick to make!
Added 16 07 2013
Satisfy your home cooked cravings with this turkey recipe which includes a big bowl of potato gnocchi and turkey meatballs to fill you up!
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