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Genevieve Taylor BBQ Recipes

Some fantastic BBQ recipes from chef Genevieve Taylor. Very easy and bound to get you eating outdoors this summer....
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Added 19 04 2016
This easy, colourful recipe is a great way to make the most of the short and sweet British asparagus season. Romesco is a delicious red pepper, almond and garlic sauce from Catalan in northern Spain which is delicious with chargrilled vegetables and also works very well as a dip too.
Added 19 04 2016
Duck breast is a fabulous cut of meat for the barbecue as the rich layer of fat bastes the meat as it grills. Salsa verde is one of my favourite sauces, and its punchy flavours cut through the richness of the meat brilliantly.
Added 19 04 2016
Grilling a whole chicken can be tricky to get right on the barbecue and they are a really uneven shape meaning some bits cook more quickly than others. So in this recipe they are ‘spatchcocked’, which simply means flattening them out to a nice even sized layer. For maximum flavour from the jerk paste, marinate the birds the night before you want to grill them.
Added 19 04 2016
Delicious juicy lamb burgers are given a sweet and spicy Moroccan twist. Lamb mince is a perfect choice for barbecuing as it’s not too lean so there is no chance of these beauties drying out as they cook. The burgers, shaped and uncooked, freeze brilliantly, so make a double batch and layer some with greaseproof paper before freezing for up to 3 months.
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