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Recruits put their heads together

Hot out of the editing suite is our video from our Red Tractor Recruit launch where a selection of passionate foodies united to put their heads together to generate ideas to get the nation more connected with their food under the Red Tractor mark. 

Our Brand Ambassador 

Food writer, farmer and father, Alex James was also celebrating a year as Red Tractor Ambassador and to celebrate thought the most fitting place to host the launch event was on his farm in Oxfordshire. 

He's passionate that the Red Tractor logo provides a clear sign of quality and traceability that people can trust and welcomed the recruits on board to help promote this nationwide.

Red Tractor Recruits – promoting farm to fork

As the creator of food production standards designed to improve the safety and quality of food produced under our scheme the subject of where food comes from is close to our hearts. When we began our search in September for Red Tractor Recruits, we were delighted to hear from so many like-minded people who were already doing some great things to promote quality food production in the UK.

If you have a unique idea to promote Red Tractor food and farming sign up to be a Red Tractor Recruit here 

 We will also be hosting more recruit events though the year to show Red Tractor food production in action, which Recruits will get the chance to attend.

Meet some of the Recruits below:

Bill Pellet and Adam Burrows @billythepigUK

Red Tractor Recruits and Hambassadors Bill and AdamBill and Adam, aka BillythePig are two friends with a background in TV and advertising. They won a Hambassadors competition to kick-start their dream of opening a pork restaurant where Red Tractor assured pork would be the star of the menu. Transparent sourcing of food is really important to them and as Hambassaders they’ve learnt about some of the requirements Red Tractor farmers have to meet and want to share this knowledge in their new role as Recruits. 

Have a read of their time at the event here 

Emma Tustian @ETusty

Red Tractor Recruit - Emma TustianA busy Mum of one, farmer’s wife and blogger who finds time to share her food and farming experiences via her blog and her many followers. As a mother she thinks it is important for children to grow up with a healthy relationship with their food, which starts by connecting them with where it comes from and wants to help do this to wider audience as a Red Tractor Recruit.
Read her account of the launch here  

Jim Franklin  @milkmaker73

Red Tractor Recruit Jim FranklinAs a Red Tractor dairy farmer Jim is committed to bringing the public closer to their food. He regularly updates via his twitter followers on the welfare of his dairy herd and makes regular appearances in his local press championing the quality of farming in the UK. He also heads campaign group #TeamDairy and is fully involved with #DiscoverDairy and @Thisisdairyfarming which aim to highlight how your favourite dairy products are produced from dairy field to pack.

Amanda Hodgkinson @singlemouse2

Red Tractor Recruit - Amanda Hodgkinson A local councillor in Kent Amanda is keen for food and farming to be more of a focus in the school curriculum. She lobbies council and has written numerous letters to get this message across. She is also very much involved in WI and gets involved in local events to promote food and farming in her communities using the Red Tractor as a talking point.


For more images of the Red Tractor Recruit launch event take a look at our previous blog entry here

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