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Perfect Pancakes and Tasty Toppings

Added 23 Feb 2017


Everyone loves the traditional pancake recipe, but we’ve found a way that you can reduce food waste, use up leftovers and stay fuller for longer.. Introducing mashed potato pancakes; believe it or not they actually taste the same as the traditional variety and once you’ve made the batter you can keep it for up to 3 days!
So...Whether you're a master maker or world class taster, here’s 6 brilliant Red Tractor assured pancake topping ideas for you to grace your stack with..

1. Ambrosia Custard-y Cravings! 

Ambrosia uses 10 lorry loads of milk each day to create their delicious custard, all of it Red Tractor Assured...

Add a dollop of Ambrosia custard to your batter to make it extra creamy…or let it run down your warm pancakes before you tuck in!..

2. Because Wyke Cheese is Wonderful 

Wyke cheese is made using 100% renewable energy, and the recipe is so special, they’ve locked it up in a safe on their farm!..

Adding a grating of cheese to your pancake mix will prove that cheese goes well with almost anything!

3. Weetabix Crunch-tastic! 

Weetabix Food Company has over 80 years of experience providing nutritionally balanced and great tasting breakfasts and sources its wheat for Weetabix biscuits exclusively from two local wheat merchants under its ‘wheat protocol’.

Add some crunch to your pancakes by crumbling up a weetabix biscuit into your batter or choose from one of their range of flavours!

4.  Debbie & Andrews Sizzling Sausage Saga

The Debbie and Andrews brand has been established since 1999, and has a history of 150 years!

Debbie and Andrews have supplied us with the perfect recipe for pork sausage and pancakes. Simply fry up some Debbie and Andrews sausages and add them in between your pancake stack!

5. Wisdom from Wensleydale

The wensleydale cheese recipe was passed on from monks to farmers wives...

Why not crumble a bit of Wensleydale cheese onto your pancakesand watch it slowly melt!

6. Roddas Clotted Cream...need we say more?

Rodda's clotted cream has been awarded Protected Designation of Origin status!

If you're like us and love clotted cream, pancake day is the perfect excuse to add a dollop or two!
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