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Online health and nutrition retailer, which is popular amongst personal trainers, Olympians, International Rugby Union players, world champion swimmers and fitness models; specialises in delivering quality food and drink to its customers and has recognised the importance of sourcing to this commitment.

Fans include Olympic Gold Medallist cyclist, Phillip Hindes; England Rugby Union Internationals, Tom Wood, Ben Youngs and 6 times Paralympic World Champion Josie Pearson.

Darren Beale, Marketing Director at Muscle Food said: ‘As we’ve learnt since launching, athletes more than any other customer watch what they eat obsessively which means we have to be on the ball and Red Tractor is key to us being able to do that.

‘I think the big difference when it comes to Muscle Food (compared with other health/body building websites) is that we’re encouraging people to eat healthy, but not boring foods. You can get your vitamins from pills, or all of your protein from whey shakes BUT it’s boring! And more importantly, not as good for you as the protein and nutrients you get from whole foods. So why stuff yourself to meet your protein intake requirement – when you can get all you need from good quality, British meat!  

That’s why we think Red Tractor is key for the growth of the meat side of our business. We’ve been busy sourcing new products such as proteins and low carb products – but high quality, affordable, welfare friendly meat is still at the core of Muscle Food.  Body builders eat up to 6 protein packed meals per day – that’s A LOT of meat!’

The Red Tractor logo which now appears across the site’s lean meat ranges, such as turkey and chicken, is the UK’s leading symbol for food quality standards and origin. It indicates that the food has been produced to responsible standards every step of the way from farm to pack.

Georgina Park Brand Manager from Red Tractor said: ‘We’re delighted to welcome Muscle Food as our first Red Tractor nutritional specialist and online retailer who are now licensed for their chicken and turkey. It just goes to show to fuel the fittest athletes, you need the fittest fuel.  It’s inspiring to see athletes demanding the same quality in their food as they do from their performance and Red Tractor offers them that peace of mind their food is coming from responsible sources.’

For more information on this story contact Georgina Park at d[email protected] or call 02076303322 and look out for the Red Tractor logo on selected lines of lean meats at

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