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8 great ideas for creating a spook-takular Halloween party!

Added 23 Oct 2017
Wearing our most ghoulish disguises, asking strangers for treats and if they don’t give us anything good, surprising them with a sneaky trick!?.. It’s all a bit odd when you hear it like that, but these days it’s more about getting out of the house with family and friends, greeting neighbours in a harmless witch, wizard or even ghost costume and scoffing our faces with tasty treats!

But for those who are planning to kick-it inside, here’s a breakdown of how to have the coolest party on the block, we’ve included frightening food, gruesome games and devilish drinks that kids will love! Even adults can let out their inner child (or monster)!

When is Halloween and why do we celebrate it?

Originally a day to honor the dead, Halloween is on the 31st October and originates from an age old Pagan tradition of celebrating the last day of the Pagan year.

1. Food

If you’re in need of some pre trick or treating snacks so they don’t eat all of the treats at once, whip up these quick and easy mini-frankenstein friendly bites...

Super simple 3 ingredient mummified sausage rolls

Quick to make quick to eat, Weetabix chicken nuggets

If the family need warming up with a sit down meal after trick or treating out in the cold, try some of these blood boilers…

2. Hacks

Or...try your hand at some spooky Halloween hacks!

Like these ones from Tesco!

4. Decorations

Does your party need some devilish-decorations to complete the halloween look?...

Pick up a pumpkin and carve it to shreds!...

Or paint it with a tasteful pattern...

5. Games

There are loads of great ways to let out your scary side in a game with other wicked witches and wizards…

We Love this game from The Spirited Puddle Jumper, which uses very little resources to make and set up!


Halloween can be a handful, but don’t worry too much though, because…

“At first cock-crow the ghosts must go. Back to their quiet graves below” -  Theodosia Garrison

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