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Classic British Pancakes & Inspired Flavours!

Added 02 Feb 2018
Pancakes are simple to make, loved by many and are super versatile!.. Did you know that in countries such as Brazil, France, Sweden and the United States, the day, otherwise known as ‘Shrove Tuesday’ is celebrated in the form of Mardi Gras!?
In true British modesty, however, it’s the quintessential British crepe enjoyed with sugar, chocolate sauce, cream or lemons and adorned with your favourite fruits that we Brits get most excited about!
Here’s the lowdown on some exciting recipes inspired by yummy, fresh, UK ingredients and traditional recipes...we’ve also snuck in a little bit of inspiration from around the world too!

Buttermilk pancakes 

An often forgotten ingredient...buttermilk is perfect for making light, fluffy pancakes. While many recipes draw on techniques that are similar to creating a meringue, buttermilk is a simple way to make those huge, stack pancakes we so often associate with American TV shows. Despite its rich sounding name, buttermilk is just a thicker, more acidic type of milk, that when combined with baking soda, expands even more! They’re perfect when mixed with sweet and savoury ingredients alike, whether that’s piles of fruit and cream, or bacon and maple syrup. We love this recipe from Rapeseed Oil Benefits for Fruity Buttermilk Pancakes!

Classic Recipes 

Pancakes come in all shapes and sizes, and around the world, different variations have been created to accommodate for all kinds of flavours. The most recognised of these is the crepe pancake - originating from France, this flat pancake is primed for encasing a wide range of toppings and is perfect for practising that classic flipping technique! Our friends at Asda are doing an amazing crepe recipe filled full of peanut butter and strawberries, check it out here.
Lots of people have heard of blinis, but what actually are they? Also known as blintz, these pancakes originate from Russia and come in a range of sizes, use wholemeal or buckwheat flour and are a slightly fluffier version of the French crepe. Check out these BBC Good Food blinis with a horseradish cream and roasted pepper topping for a perfect homemade appetiser!
A little closer to home, drop scones or scotch pancakes from the Scots make the perfect tea-time snack. Known as drop scones due to the method of pouring the mixture onto a hot pan from a jug or measuring cup, they are similar to fluffy American pancakes and go really well with jam and butter, as shown in this yummy BBC Good Food recipe.
Why not shake things up a bit and combine celebrations? Toffee apples don’t just have to be for Halloween! They make fantastic toppings for pancakes, which you can see in our pancake and toffee apple slice recipe. 

Savoury Recipes

While there are lots of recipes out there for anyone who has a sweet tooth, savoury recipes are slowly on the rise and there are some amazing combinations we think you should try!
Jazz up your ordinary pancake recipe with a range of toppings that draw from a variety of countries. For a Mexican style topping combine avocado, tomato, lime juice, coriander and minced beef, with optional chilli for a bit of a kick. Check out ProCook’s tasty recipe here!
For something a little spicier try an Indian style pancake stuffed full of meats, curry paste, chickpeas and mango chutney. BBC Good Food have got the perfect balance with their Paneer-stuffed pancakes, and there’s even enough for two! If you want to go even further, check out this savoury pancake recipe from Morrisons which shows you how to make Dosa pancakes from only five ingredients.
If you’re looking for something that packs in some of your five a day, check out our vegetable pancake recipe. Combining red pepper, spring onions and sweetcorn, these colourful pancakes are perfect for the kids and a bit of a twist on the usual pancake day recipe.

Maybe you want to keep in with some of the Shrove Tuesday traditions and use Pancake Day as an opportunity to use up leftovers - if so, look no further than our leftover mashed potato pancake recipe. Forget bubble and squeak, instead, try out this recipe which uses kitchen cupboard essentials to create pancakes that look just like your usual pancake dish!
Lastly, why not shake up your usual breakfast pancakes and swap them out for beetroot pancakes instead? Our beetroot pancakes with eggs, smoked bacon and maple syrup recipe is sure to add a bit of colour to your breakfast plate and are perfect for the kids!

Tips for making the best Pancakes…

Here at Red Tractor, we know things don’t always quite go to plan when making pancakes – we’re sure you’ve all seen the classic stuck-to-the-ceiling image! To help you avoid those little disasters, here are our top tips …
  • Try not to over stir the mixture, this will make it tough and you won’t get the fluffy pancakes you wanted.
  • Keep an eye on them - pancakes cook quickly, so keep flipping them to stop them burning.
  • Pouring mixture from a jug can be a messy process, so why not check out our squeezy bottle hack here. Also, it’s a perfect idea if you want to make your pancakes into different shapes!
  • Make sure you’ve got spares of everything, there’s nothing worse than running out of ingredients.
  • If you leave the mixture to sit for 5 minutes until it bubbles, it makes for much fluffier pancakes.
  • Remember you can make the batter in advance, which is especially useful if you’re making them for the whole family.
  • Make sure to look out for the Red Tractor logo when buying your pancake ingredients! 

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