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Bring family & friends together for a Bonfire Night blast!

Added 19 Oct 2017
Bonfire Night is a time that families come together to appreciate the magic of fireworks, the warmth of a bonfire, to enjoy comforting food and ‘Remember, Remember the 5th of November!’

Otherwise known as Guy Fawkes Night, the reason we celebrate is because of the iconic failed gunpowder plot on the parliament in 1605! On that night, bonfires were set alight to celebrate the safety of the king and now, we celebrate with fireworks, bonfires and by burning an effigy of Guy.
As this year’s events fall on Sunday 5th November, there’s loads of time to plan for a big fire and feast or even just a small cosy gathering before the family heads over and the celebrations kick off!

Why not whip up some comfort food for the many (or the few) whilst you stand by the fire & watch the fireworks

Spiced pumpkin soup

Perfect cosy food and great served in a mug!
Recipe Here!

Cheese Steak Wheels

In unison with the theme of fire, fire up the grill and watch these fly off!
Recipe Here!

Autumn Buddha Bowls

Bowl Food is perfect chow whilst you cosy up on a deck chair by the fire.
Recipe Here!

Prefer a sit down meal with all the family? Here are some quick and easy recipes to whip up to really fill up on!

Quick Beef Bourguignon 

Quick by name, yummy by nature...Bourguignyum!
Recipe Here!

Blazing Burgers

If you can handle the heat, fire up the festivities with these blazing burgers!
Recipe Here!

Bangers & Mash

Begin the night with a bang!

If you’re looking to make more of an impression, try these:

Pulled Beef Brisket

Slow cooked to perfection, pull this one out of the bag to leave guests with happy tummies and joyful memories.
Recipe Here!

Pork & root veg bake

Get right to the root of hunger!
Recipe Here!

Wonderfully warming beef and ale casserole.

Stay warm this winter by filling up on British favourites. 
Recipe Here!

Bonfire night is a time to slow down, watch the fire crackle and appreciate loved ones. We hope you truly have a wonderful night!

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