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Adam Henson tells us why you can Trust the Tractor on your Dairy

Farmer and TV presenter Adam Henson is urging everyone to Discover Dairy farming and dispel some common dairy myths.  

 My whole life! I was born on the farm I run today - Bemborough Farm in the Cotswolds - and studied agriculture at College before going travelling to work on farms and plantations across Australia, New Zealand and America. I returned home to work on the farm with my father, who started Cotswold Farm Park 30 years ago. Today we see around 70,000 visitors to the park every year. We grow wheat, spring barley and oilseed rape on the farm, as well as look after 50 flocks and herds of rare breed animals. I love what I do and really feel British farming has a lot to be proud of, so I’m delighted to be supporting dairy farming through the launch of Discover Dairy.

Discover Dairy is really about bridging the gap between the people who are out there every day caring for cows and those who only ever connect with milk on their breakfast cereal or morning latte. For most of us the easiest way of doing that is through online media, so we’re making the world of dairy farming available on and on twitter @thisisdairy.

I’ve visited dairy farms to discover the everyday lives of farmers and their cows plus uncovering the journey milk makes from farm to fridge. It was all filmed and the videos can be viewed at (there is even a documentary filmed from a cow’s perspective!)

One of my favourites is the ‘life of cows’ video - they really are fascinating creatures and this video takes you behind the scenes of a dairy farm to get a glimpse of their everyday life: 

I hope for the general public to get a better understanding of the modern day dairy farm and really to appreciate the milk that they pick up from the supermarket every week.

That’s a tough question – there are so many to choose from.  To prepare for the campaign we asked people to send us their questions about cows and dairy farming, and we received all kinds - from whether cows need clothes to how they make milk. A highlight for me was being interviewed by a gang of junior dairy reporters. As ever, kids come up with the funniest things, so I’ll let you pick your favourite!

There are so many great dairy products on offer today but it can be tricky to know that the food you buy has been produced responsibly. That’s where the Red Tractor scheme comes in, with standards that guarantee that the cows have been well cared for and that the products can be traced back to their source.  
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