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7 World Class Pumpkin Carving Tips

Do you fear that your pumpkin carving skills will embarrass you? Have you ever been afraid to carve a pumpkin because you believe your shady carving skill would make you the laughing stock of the neighbourhood?

Well fear not, Red Tractor has you covered. We have hit up the World pumpkin Carving Champion (What? You didn't know this was a real thing?) David Finkle to share his award winning tips with you. 


1. The secret to a good Halloween Pumpkin is the picture you want to carve fits on the pumpkin itself.  Always buy a pumpkin that is bigger than the picture you want to create
2. Please do not be tempted to use the kitchen knives! Carving kits are available from good retailers for as little as £1 and they are designed to make your masterpiece easy work. You can be far more creative with such kits
3. It is a crazy suggestion but it works...You should never cut off the top. As the lid dries out it will shrink and cave in. So roll it over and cut out a hole in the bottom, this will also make the pumpkin more stable for placing it on display
4. Make sure you clean out as much of the insides as possible. The cleaner the inside of your pumpkin is the brighter your pumpkin will glow making it the best in street!
6. Don't just hack away; there are fantastic free pumpkin stencils on the internet that you can download. Or if you have a creative edge you could simply draw your picture onto the pumpkin before you start to carve.
7. I prefer to use battery operated tea lights, they are very cheap and most importantly safer in the home. Not only are they safe, they will last all night long. If you really want to spook up your carving then go for coloured tea lights, red or green look fantastically spooky!
This  video guides you through the tips above.   You can download the Creepy Cat Stencil here and create your own master piece. 

Good luck, we'd love to see your efforts so do tweet us a picture @redtractorfood or direct message us on Facebook

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