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Red Tractor Certified Barn Farm Drinks Range

Barn Farm Drinks

Barn Farm Drinks have been growing Red Tractor Certified soft fruit on their farm since 2001. They grow delicious rhubarb, berry and currant varieties including blackcurrants, gooseberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and redcurrants.

Their 125-acre site is a third-generation family farm on the Essex and Suffolk border which was set up by Craig and Gail Williamson to supply fruit-based ingredients such as frozen fruit, juices and purees to major brands and retailers.

The team saw the opportunity to use their fruits to create a range of natural, local and environmentally conscious farm-pressed and bottled fruit juice blends. Following the purchase of a new fruit juice press in 2017, this became a reality with the launch of Barn Farm Drinks.

Barn Farm Drinks founders in strawberry tunnels
Red Tractor Certified Strawberries - Barn Fram Drinks

The drinks in the range are deliciously fresh and tasty thanks to the fact that they are 100% not from concentrate and made using only the best Red Tractor fruits with no added sugars or colours.

They are then pressed and packed directly on site using champagne-style press and filtration equipment to produce great tasting natural juices full of flavour and colour. Their most popular drink is Strawberry & Apple which contains 15 strawberries and 4 apples in every 330ml bottle giving it a real ‘taste of summer’ that is always a huge hit with children and adults alike.

All of the drinks carry the Red Tractor logo as an indicator of quality and safety which Head of Operations Jason Clench confirms is crucial to their customers:

Red Tractor Certified Barn Farm Drinks range on straw

“From a food safety point of view, traceability is the most important area of food production. Increasingly consumers really care about and want to know where, when and how the food and drink they purchase is grown and produced.”

“The Red Tractor standards we follow to grow the fruits used in our drinks and the annual audits help to ensure our farm inputs and outputs are maintained to the highest standards. Being Red Tractor Certified helps us to inform consumers that every Barn Farm Drink has full traceability from the field to the bottle.”

The careful production process to make Barn Farm Drinks has reaped rewards with three of their fruit juice drinks winning Great Taste awards in 2019.

The company has also been recognised for their great efforts to protect the environment with another award win for Sustainability at the 2019 Business Excellence Awards. This is thanks to measures such as harvesting and treating rainwater to irrigate their fruit crops, using fruit press waste to generate electricity and having an on-site solar farm that currently gathers enough clean energy to power 1,400 homes each year.

Look out for the delightfully fruity, natural and environmentally sustainable Barn Farm Drinks range currently available in local Co-op and independent stores across the East of England.

Red Tractor Certified Strawberry and Apple Barn Farm Drink

Look out for the Red Tractor label in all major supermarkets. Your can also find us in pubs & restaurants including: