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Alistair Mackintosh – Red Tractor Sheep Farmer

March and April is frantically busy for Alistair Mackintosh, farmer and the Chairman of our Beef & Lamb standards.

Alistair farms with his two sons in Cumbria and looks after over 1,500 breeding ewes who are currently lambing. His flock produces great lamb for a tasty roast or succulent chops, which will be in shops from September.

Did you know that our Red Tractor Lamb standards require that …

  • Farmers like Alistair are knowledgeable and skilled in looking after livestock
  • Livestock are regularly checked, especially during lambing time
  • Ewes and lambs are given good quality feed and fresh clean water
  • Lambs receive colostrum (the first milk, full of antibodies) as soon as possible after birth. This is really important to produce healthy lambs
  • Ewes are provided with the correct facilities for giving birth – good clean and dry bedding, separate from the rest of the flock where necessary
  • Medicines are only used when absolutely essential

Some ewes will be brought inside for lambing but others will be lambed outside in the fields. When they are outside they must have shelter to protect them from adverse weather and access to well-drained lying areas.

Lambs love to run around together and will often form little ‘youth clubs’, bouncing around, including jumping all over their mums.

Here is Alistair’s son, with some of his recent little additions.


Look out for the Red Tractor label in all major supermarkets. Your can also find us in pubs & restaurants including: