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Andrew and Guy Pimbley, Red Tractor strawberry and asparagus farmers

Added 30 Jun 2015
It’s become something of a tradition in the Pimbley family for each generation to do something different at Claremont Farm. 
They have been tenants at the 200-acre site on the Wirral peninsula in North West England for more than 100 years, but the farm looks very different today than it did two years ago, let alone a century back.
Claremont Farm has been ahead of the game for generations – grandfather Pimbley was the first to diversify, introducing the farm shop over 40 years ago and on his return from America introduced an unheard of enterprise called pick your own. Ian Pimbley carried on the tradition by developing the range of vegetables grown and in 1994 harvested their first crop of asparagus.
Andrew and his brother Guy then followed in their footsteps, taking the farm into an Environmental Stewardship Scheme which sees over 3,ooo kids a year come and visit as part of the educational access. They also introduced indoor table top strawberries, created a fishing pond, cookery school and annual food and drink festival.

Neither the strawberries nor the asparagus have to travel far on their journey. Andrew’s team of pickers are up at 5am in the morning to harvest the two crops before bringing them back to the farm where they are processed before crossing the car park to be put on the shelves of Claremont Farm Shop. “When we host school visits the children can’t believe how good a strawberry, freshly ripening in the sun, tastes. If all you know is fruit which has travelled across the world, that’s sad, so we take the kids out and they taste these really rich, juicy strawberries straight from the plant.”

You can visit Andrew and Guy’s farm and see the Red Tractor produce for yourself. Go to
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