Using the Red Tractor Logo

Red Tractor named logo on pack

Red Tractor logo

Example of standard Red Tractor logoOur standard Red Tractor logo is used on food products where all ingredients are Red Tractor  assured.  There is a 5% tolerance for seasoning.

This logo is used predominantly on single ingredient foods such as: meat, fresh produce, milk and other dairy products.

The Named Ingredient logo

Example of Red Tractor Named ingredient logo using milkOur named ingredient logo is used on food products where the standard logo doesn’t fit .  For example, a
breakfast cereal where the wheat content of the finished product is less than 95% - this would not be eligible to use our standard logo. However, if the product meets our conditions, it may carry the named ingredient logo.

The criteria for using this logo are that:
  • It is only used on foods where the main ingredient is comprised of a maximum of two assured products
  • The main ingredient must be named  - such as “milk” in the logo above
  • The main ingredient must come from the same assured chain as any other Red Tractor product  
  • The main ingredient must be at least 65% of the finished product
  • 100% of the main ingredient must be assured

Made with logo

Example of  new Made with Red Tractor logo
This this year we have introduced the Made with logo. IGD research found that over 52% of customers were more likely to buy a ready meal with the logo on.

Click here for more information on the new logo.

If you would like the full criteria or to discuss using this logo on your products please contact us, but the principles are that: 

  • The ‘Made with’ protein must be 100% Red Tractor assured. It is not acceptable to state “Made with Red Tractor Assured Chicken” if only a proportion of the chicken meets the claim. 
  • The ‘Made with’ claim must relate to the characterising ingredient and this will normally be the protein. It is not acceptable to highlight secondary ingredients if characterising ingredients are not Red Tractor Assured. 
  • Two protein products – both proteins (steak & kidney, chicken & ham) must be assured. 
  • Main ingredients other than the characterising ingredient (e.g. the potato on Shepherd’s Pie) will ideally be Red Tractor wherever possible.

To download all logos and user guidelines click here  

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Some of the brands involved
  • Aldi
  • Asda
  • Bensons Totally Fruity
  • Bidvest 3663
  • Brakes
  • The Cooperative
  • Gressingham
  • Hillfarm
  • John Lewis
  • KFC
  • McCain
  • Morrisons
  • Tesco
  • Reynolds

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