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Red Tractor Week 2013

Red TRed Tractor Week 2013 logoractor Week launches on Monday 16th September. Fronted by Alex James it’s the heart of our year round Trust The Tractor campaign. Watch out for Red Tractor in your local supermarket or restaurant as the week is being supported far and wide by retailers, and food service partners. 

Throughout the week listen out for Alex James tips and views on TV and radio and you can even join Alex to become a Red Tractor Recruit and be in with a chance to be invited along to a bonfire on Alex James’ farm in February. Tell us why you'd make a good recruit by visiting us here.

Red Tractor Recruits are real people, who are passionate about food and where it comes from (The first 25 families who signed up to be recruits have already won VIP access to Feastival). Red Tractor is building up its team of recruits to help encourage support of responsible and traceable farming in food production. Recruits will take part in exciting events, or host an event themselves and also receive great money off vouchers and chances to win from Red Tractor’s network of retailers and restaurants. 

During the week, Red Tractor will be releasing a new research report on consumer confidence in the food industry and showing how Red Tractor assures food from farm- to-fork via 7 real life farmer’s stories. Each day Red Tractor will be exploring a different farming sector (beef, lamb, poultry, pork, cereals, produce and dairy) so consumers can learn all about the quality foods available under the logo. 

Food-wise, there will be a series of new and exclusive Red Tractor recipes which showcase the best Red Tractor ingredients and the unveiling of a new map locator to help consumers find how accessible and easy to find Red Tractor is when eating out. There will also be a UK wide photo competition to win fantastic prizes just by spotting the Red Tractor Red Tractor. Enter via Instagram using #TrustTheTractor visit our page to see the full gallery

The Red Tractor logo is your shortcut to food and drink that has been produced to strict standards of food safety, environmental protection, and animal welfare and with a clear guarantee of origin.  Trust the Tractor is a national 12-month campaign that aims to maintain consumer trust in food by raising awareness of the assurance benefits that the Red Tractor logo provides.

Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news and promotions during the week (@RedTractorFood #TrustTheTractor and #RTW2013) and just simply look out for the Red Tractor logo.
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