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Why Become a Red Tractor Licensee

Be part of the UKs leading scheme for food quality and traceability. Joining our scheme means that you and your customers can trust in the food that you are producing and know where it comes from.  At Red Tractor, we make sure that every stage of production is independently assessed, by experts, to our standards.  Once you become a member, you too can promote your supply chain integrity and your product's origin, by using our logo on your product packaging, website and promotional materials.

Our standards cover much more than traceability, find out more here.

So how else can we help? By using the Red Tractor logo your customers know that you care about your product and where it comes from.  But it also can help to open up markets.  More and more companies are demanding that suppliers have a Red Tractor licence before they will do business with them.  We currently have over 650 licensees and joining alongside them means that you can keep your competitive advantage.
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